Gurfateh Kaur's Dastaar
Gurfateh Kaur's Dastaar
Gurfateh Kaur's Dastaar

Gurfateh Kaur's Dastaar

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Children are often curious and confused about different religious appearances. This bilingual English/Punjabi picture book unpacks who Sikhs are, what their turbans mean and also explores Sikh history. Sikh student, Gurfateh Kaur, is excited when a new student joins her school but her excitement soon fades when the new student begins bullying her because of her turban. Realizing that responding in anger won't work, Gurfateh Kaur decides to educate the new student on who she is. This book helps children learn about who Sikhs are and how to handle teasing and bullying in a safe way. This book will help young Singhs and Kaurs understand the history of Sikhs and highlight the importance of the Sikh turban (called a Dastaar) and appearance.

The Sikh religion is the fifth-largest organized religion in the world after Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and, Buddhism, and the fourth largest in India with 25-30 million adherents worldwide. When this bilingual English/Punjabi book is flipped over, children can read the same story and follow the vibrant illustrations in Punjabi. This helps to improve Punjabi vocabulary for Western-born children who may struggle to speak, read and write Punjabi.

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