Ravail Singh Goes to the Gurduara
Ravail Singh Goes to the Gurduara
Ravail Singh Goes to the Gurduara

Ravail Singh Goes to the Gurduara

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This bilingual English/Punjabi picture book shares the importance of the Sikh Gurduara through the lens of Ravail Singh, a young Sikh boy, and his sister, Sidak Kaur. It walks the reader through the symbols outside of the Gurduara that allow people from far and wide to know what the Gurduara is, the religious prayers performed inside the Gurduara and the various selfless services you would see people performing to build a stronger relationship with God. This book highlights bravery, humility, and the importance of giving back to the community. The illustrations help to show what the Sikh values mean, including several of the actions that children can do now to help bring the feeling of the Gurduara in their homes.

The Sikh religion is the fifth-largest organized religion in the world after Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and, Buddhism, and the fourth largest in India with 25-30 million adherents worldwide. When this bilingual English/Punjabi book is flipped over, children can read the same story and follow the vibrant illustrations in Punjabi. This helps to improve Punjabi vocabulary for Western-born children who may struggle to speak, read and write Punjabi.

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